Melissa Swanson REALTOR®

In effort to be able to handle my own transactions I got my real estate license in 2019. Now I can also help you buy and sell real estate. I have sat at your side of the closing table (as a buyer and a seller) over 16 times…not many agents can say that. I know what it feels like to be in your shoes, and I am thankful for the agents that did an amazing job and I still remember those that put extra stress on me and did not hear me. I know how I felt (and still feel as a buyer and seller) and I can give you that personal attention that we all desire. In the two years I have had my license I have sold new construction, dilapidated homes for flips, first time buyer homes and in 55 and over communities. I have listed a couple of flips, high end townhomes and neighborhood homes. I know Charlotte very, very well but have also represented clients in Gastonia, Concord, Huntersville and Lincolnton.

I am affiliated with ACAM Investments LLC. We also offer property management and we are happy to assist you with managing your rental properties and finding tenants. Services include: screening and securing tenants, rent collections, maintenance and repairs.

Melissa Swanson

What My Clients Are Saying

Melissa is an amazing real estate agent! She helped me with my first-time home buying experience and found us our dream home. Would 10/10 recommend!!
Charlotte D’ambra

(First Time Homebuyer-Country Club Heights)

I would recommend Melissa to anyone looking to buy/sell a home. She is so reliable and has a ton of patience and knowledge! I’m not the easiest client and she has been so patient and professional with me, house after house, while other agents would probably not be as dedicated. She’s amazing and I can’t thank her enough.
Corinna Watkins

(Lady Rehabber and Repeat Client-Gastonia, Lincolnton)

I cannot say enough about Melisa Swanson! She made me feel like I was the most important buyer even though I wasn’t looking at expensive real estate she made me feel very valuable! She was patient and gave me incredible guidance. Melissa was so far beyond thorough that I felt safe and protected the whole way through!!

Melissa is my real estate agent for life if I’m buying or selling!!!

Carol Paver

(Lady Investor and Home Designer-Huntersville)

Melissa was so helpful and patient in the buying process. She did not stop until we got it right. She was knowledgeable and knows Charlotte like the back of her hand.
Cheryl Gunn

(First Time Townhome Homebuyer -Southend)

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