For the Love (or not) of Real Estate

by | Feb 10, 2021

I made a comment in one of my first blog posts that I have never absolutely loved any house I owned. I was questioned by a friend about this statement and she asked if that really were true. It is true; however, it is an intentional way of being for me. I have always purchased my primary and investment homes strictly with investment eyes. I do not dream of cozy nights by the fireplace and watching my son grow as we make memories in the home. I look at what the home will be worth in years to come. Do not get me wrong, we have cozy nights and make many memories, but my love is the time and the company, not the walls, windows and floors. I like some of my home features and upgrades I have made and locations of all of them, but what I love is the equity built and the safety net I am growing for my future. I do get excited by a change I make or an upgrade I add, but I do those things to add value for the long term.

So, the question arises, do you have to buy a house you completely love? Not in my opinion. The same goes for people who say to me I want to sell my house because there is so much equity in it, but I love where I live. We tie emotions to wealth, and I challenge you to practice nonattachment when it comes to real estate. Many folks have acquired millions by buying and holding real estate. My second challenge for you as you think about purchasing your first home, your last home or your first investment home is to fall in love with the idea of financial freedom and retirement verses bay windows, quartz countertops and sliding barns. Those things can be added on. Find love and value in the process of the highs and lows of owning real estate. Take care of your asset (or assets) and treat them with love. Whether it is your primary home or an investment home maintain them. Keep them pressure washed and freshly painted, keep the gutters cleaned, the windows sparkling, and the HVAC system serviced. If you want the asset to work for you and build you the wealth you desire, you must nurture what you care about.

May you all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and remember if there is anything in the world I can do for you please reach out.

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