About Melissa Swanson

Hello and welcome to my website. I have lived in Charlotte since 1995, two months after I graduated West Virginia University with a degree in Journalism/Public Relations. I started a catering business in 1998 and sold it to a large restaurant group in 2018. I bought my first home in 2002 in the Montclaire Neighborhood. A month into being a first-time homeowner I was in a one-on-one leadership session and my coach asked me what my goal was with my first home. I told him I did not have my next goal set as I was still saving for furniture. He then showed me his rental portfolio and told me I should buy something else in two years and rent out my first home. What was supposed to be a training on how to be a better manager to my employees set my path to real estate investing as my side hustle. I did just what he said many times over. Today I am a full-time real estate investor and manage my rental portfolio, acting as my own property manager. I have a nine-year-old boy named Charley who is my assistant property manager when he is not in school. He handles everything from watering the grass to picking up trash in the common areas of our multifamily properties. I have a drive to help others learn how to build wealth through real estate and would love the opportunity to help you.

Melissa Swanson

Fun Facts

My favorite thing about being a full-time real estate investor is my freedom of time. I did not have any time and was always running when I owned my catering company.

My least favorite thing about being a full-time real estate investor is being disappointed by people.

My plans for my real estate as time goes on is to sell it all and become an expat. I do not plan on leaving any real property to my son.

I would much rather manage my commercial property over my residential units any day of the week.

I live in the Woodbridge neighborhood in Southpark. I have lived all over Charlotte in my 26 years here including a few years at Mt. Island Lake.

I enjoy exercising, yoga and hanging out with good people, food, cocktails and conversation.

I am learning Spanish so I can better speak to contractors and because I love traveling to Mexico.

In addition to being my assistant property manager my son is an excellent athlete, especially in basketball and football.

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